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Sep 07 2011

Gamers' Challenge by George Ivanoff

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Ford St., 2011. ISBN 9781921665516.
(Age: 10 - 14) Recommended. The action adventure sequel to Gamers' quest finds Tark and Zyra in a deadly game where they are pursued by a powerful computer virus, the VI, after they broke the rules of the Game set down by the all-powerful Designers. They have to locate the Ultimate Gamer who may have a key to help them find a way out of the Game. Along the way they face some surprises as they are not the only Tark and Zyra in the game, and they gain some powerful allies. Will they be able to evade the VIs and save themselves and their friends?
I found this to be a very exciting, action packed story that is sure to appeal to people who love playing computer games or those who love science fiction heroes like Dr Who. Ivanoff has put in lots of familiar figures, like knights, chanting monks, zombies, a unicorn and the disconcerting problem of seeing an older Tark and Zyra's grown-up daughter, Hope. These all add to the excitement of the story and provide enough blood and gore to keep the reader engrossed in the story.
The suspense is sustained as Tark and Zyra try to discover just whom the Ultimate Player is. There are thrilling moments when Zyra and Hope chase after the Ultimate Gamer, with scenes of zombies pursuing them and difficult games to be won. The Ultimate Gamer is a surprise, but one that the reader will identify with, and he is the one that will have to be defeated if they are to overcome the computer virus.
A book that will be enjoyed by both boys and girls, it will have instant appeal for those who love computers and the action packed series should also appeal to reluctant readers. An added bonus is a book trailer and a website for the series.
Pat Pledger

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