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Sep 07 2011

This country series by various authors

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Pearson, 2011.
(Age 10-14) This is a series of books that examines five countries near to Australia. Each of the books has a contents page which lists the following headings: Introduction, Environment, In the past, Government, People, Day-to-day life, Unique relationship, Timeline, Glossary, Index and Find out More. The Pearson website states that 'they focus on life in the country, as well as history, geography, cities and countryside, conflicts, work, food and recreation. Australia's particular relationship with each country is also examined, including a focus on trade, movement of people for work and leisure and emergency assistance provided by Australia.'  Each book has many attractive and up-to-date photos, for example, India contains a photo of Julia Gillard with an Indian Minister. The photos and text ably illustrate life in the country at the present times. The day-to-day life section contain profiles and case studies of two young students, giving a good flavour of how they live. A timeline provides a quick glance at major historical events. Words that are contained in the glossary are printed in bold throughout the text, as an aid to the young reader. There is an index to major pieces of information and students and teachers can explore an internet site organised by Pearson after a school registration is made.

India by Carmel Reilly Pearson, 2011. ISBN: 9781442547001.
China by Cameron Macintosh. Pearson, 2011. ISBN 9781442546967.
Papua New Guinea by Carmel Reilly. Pearson, 2011. ISBN 9781442546981.
New Zealand by Carmel Reilly. Pearson, 2011. ISBN 9781442546998.
Indonesia by Carmel Reilly. Pearson, 2011. ISBN 978144254 6974.
Pat Pledger

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