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Aug 25 2011

Pink by Janet A. Holmes and Jonathan Bentley

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Little Hare, 2011. ISBN 9781921541797.
Lily loves all things pink - strawberry ice cream, her pink bike, her pink tutu, her pink ball and her pink high-heeled boots, hat and feather boa. But poor Lily has no one to share her ice cream, to play catch with, to dance or ride with or even to dress up with. Poor, lonely Lily. She tries to make friends with the snail, the mouse and the chicken and the goat chews her beautiful hat. Will she ever find a friend? And then, along comes the perfect friend of all   . . . a beautiful, intelligent, pink . . .
Miss 5 adores pink and she adored this story. It's fun, it's imaginative and the perfect feel-good, close-your-eyes story for bedtime. I just hope she doesn't ask for a pink . . . to go with all her other pink things. Could be tricky.
Barbara Braxton

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