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Aug 08 2011

501 fun facts, weird trivia and amazing lists on nearly everything you need to know by James Buckely Jr and Robert Stremme

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Scholastic 2011. ISBN 978 1741696837.
(Ages 8+) Humour. Well the title says it all, there are certainly some weird and wonderful lists collected together in this book, destined to keep many children occupied for hours. In the main Australian, with a few lists of world interest thrown in, the lists range from Prime Ministers of Australia, to just who has been knighted by the Queen (one being George W Bush!), similes which include animals, the greatest empires of the world and many more.
Designed to interest and intrigue, the lists will keep many kids amused in the library before school, or at home on a wintry day, or once the word gets out, at recess and lunch times. A winner as a stocking filler at Christmas time, a great book just to hand to a child at any time, this is a great $13 worth of book. Who could not be amused by a list of poisonous snakes, or the zoos of Australia, who's who in Harry Potter, gross stuff that people eat, wild phobias and more. Do you know what a blennophobia is? Or what you are not allowed to do in Taiwan, or which airport is the busiest in the world? Or perhaps what people eat in space? 224 pages of riveting fun for young and old, this book is most enjoyable, and will along with Ripley's believe it or not and the Guinness book of records, prove a hit. (P.S. Blennophobia is the fear of slime, and you can't wink in Taiwan.)
Fran Knight

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