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Jul 07 2011

Sweet treats by Carolyn Beth Weil

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Scholastic, 2011. ISBN 978 1 741698978.
(Ages 8+) Recommended. Non fiction. Kids will drool over this well presented and enticing cook book, and want to borrow it to try some of the recipes out at home. With full colour and lots of smiling happy faces, the book entices the reader to read about why the kids are so happy. And they will find out quickly, as recipe after recipe appears.
Each recipe is set out clearly with illustrations as a guide to both what to do and what the end product should look like. Each recipe starts with a list of ingredients, and a list of tools. The instructions which follow are given clearly in a step by step guide, numbered to follow the instructions, and each with more information, making it doubly clear what needs to be done.
So we have recipes for such treats as sweet lemon cupcakes, easy cheesy pie and ice cream sandwich, all easy to make, with uncomplicated ingredients and straightforward instructions. In a series called, Junior Chef, this should make mouth watering borrowing for students following the huge number of food shows on television.
Fran Knight

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