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Jul 07 2011

I love my baby brother by Anna Walker

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Scholastic, 2011. ISBN 9781741698930.
(Preschool). Ollie has a new baby brother. His mother is busy and he has nothing to do so he shows the baby a bumblebee toy and how to blow a raspberry. But best of all is hiding under the sheet and waiting for Mum to tickle their feet!
A very simple story with few words on each page, I love my baby brother brings to life the games that a young child can play with a baby. When the baby is very young he can blow raspberries, when he is old enough to sit up in a high chair he can follow a game of trains. He can have lots of fun using his imagination.
The illustration are simple and evocative. All the family look like toys with stripes and Ollie could be either a boy or girl. Every child will recognise the toys that are scattered around and the very messy baby eating in his high chair.
I am sending this to my granddaughter who has a new baby brother. I think it will give her lots of ideas about playing with a younger sibling, and the joy that can bring.
Pat Pledger

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