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Jul 06 2011

Falling Apart by Jacqueline Wilson

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Text, 2011. ISBN 9781921656958.
(Age: 13+) Highly recommended. Tina's life is falling apart. Home is awful, school is just as bad, and, more than anything, how can she go on without Simon? She decides to commit suicide by overdosing on medication, and she succeeds, to a point. Her drug-induced state brings back vivid memories of how she first met Simon and how she fell in love with him, only to have her heart broken. This is the story of Falling Apart.
Honestly, it's hard to believe this book ever went out of print. It is heartbreakingly honest, sad and funny at turns, and in my eyes, far better and more realistic than any other romance novel I've ever read (Yes, it's better than Twilight). It's very hard not to like and sympathise for the main character, Tina, because the author is so honest and true with Tina's emotions. All the characters are actually very well planned out. The dialogue is also excellent for all the characters.
One thing I have to mention is the form of the book. It's different to many other books because it is in present tense, but in third person. Sometimes this wouldn't work, but here it does, and to good effect.
This is a sad, moving story about a young girl who has gone through much grief in her life and decides to commit suicide. Although not one for the younger readers, it is worth a read for anyone else.
I highly recommend this book.
Rebecca Adams

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