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Jul 04 2011

Reckoning by Kate Cary

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Egmont, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-4052-5467-0.
(Age 14+) After escaping from the clutches of Quincey Harker, the heir of count Dracula, Mary's life can't go back to the way it was before. Mary fears to venture outside after dark due to the possibility of a vampire lurking within shadows. Not even sleep can bring comfort to Mary after losing her fiance to the dark side of life with horrible nightmares awakening her each night. To add to her troubles, Mary's father is suffering from a strange virus that is threatens to take his life.  Mary vows to her father that she will start to enjoy her life and not let her fear take over her life anymore.
So when an invitation arrives for Mary to dine with the charming Xavier Bathory, Mary must agree to his invitation to keep her father at rest. Mary might be able to get over her fears until Quincey Harker arrives back in town in search for her.
This novel is the second book in the Bloodline series that enjoys the same easy flowing storyline as the first book in the series. Reckoning plays high on the readers emotions through the ups and downs of the plot. The plot is left open for another novel which I can't wait to get my hands on. I would highly recommend this book to other people as I wasn't able to get enough of it.
Lauren Pfeiffer (Student, Year 12)

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