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Jun 17 2011

Bookaboo: Puppies in the pound by Lucy Goodman

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Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 9781406327021.
Bookaboo receives an e-mail to tell him that his old home (The Little Puppy Pound) is about to close. Not content to see his old home go, the drum playing rocker dog and his friends head to the pound to hold a concert.  When a guard at the pound does not know who they are and locks them away, is all lost?  
This is a very simple story that would appeal to fans of Bookaboo. Lovely bright illustrations and bold text appeal to younger readers. The little book inside was a lovely surprise and appealed to me, as well as my 5 year old.  I enjoyed the few corny lines and the modern approaches, such as e-mail being included in the storyline.
Zana Thiele

Editor's note: Fun activity books and gift Bookaboo books are also available:
Bookaboo: Colour and Do by Lucy Goodman, Walker Books, ISBN 9781406327038, is a 'fantastic colouring and puzzle fun from the world-famous rock drumming puppy, Bookaboo'.
Bookaboo: Pop-Up Pup Idol
by Lucy Goodman, Walker Books, ISBN 9781406327236, is 'an exciting pop-up giftbook for all Bookaboo fans featuring the Bookaboo theme song.'
Bookaboo: Stickers, Drums and Rock and Roll by Lucy Goodman,Walker Books, ISBN 9781406327045. 'Join the world-famous rockstar drumming puppy in this fantastic book packed with brilliant stickers and rocktastic activities.'
Pat Pledger

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