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Jun 16 2011

Camp Croc by Trudie Trewin

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Walker Books, 2011. ISBN 978 1921720031.
Camp Croc is a short novel with quick moving, short chapters. It is aimed at 8-11 year old boys but I am sure girls will enjoy it too. I know it made me giggle!
Our main character is Nick (nickname Daks) and in the first few pages he is already up to mischievous antics. They are for a good cause though as he doesn't want his best friend to miss the bus to camp. Daks and his classmates are off to Camp Trib - the camp everyone at his school looks forward to.
The novel is peppered with comical (and serious) 'Daks Facts' and Camp Croc will appeal to most kids as Daks and his friends end up in all kinds of funny moments even before the end of chapter 2. The adventure really begins when Daks and his mates stumble across wildlife smugglers. Can kids outsmart adults? What about the crocodiles?
Camp Croc will have you giggling in sections, cheering on the boys and booing the bad guys. It is an entertaining story that can teach kids about some of the problems facing our animals and how they can make a difference too.
Kylie Kempster

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