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Jun 14 2011

No more kisses! Margaret Wild and Nina Rycroft

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Little Hare, 2011. ISBN 978 1 921714283.
(Ages: 5+) Picture book.  The family is in the garden, happily kissing the baby until he exclaims no more kisses and runs off behind the hedge. There follows a game of kiss chasey as the animals run around the garden in search of the baby. Up the steps, down a slide, through a tunnel go all the animals, then each page offers an additional place the animals go in search of the baby. The repetition is infectious and would encourage participation and prediction by the listeners and readers. Each activity is marked with a different noise to make, encouraging the listeners to join in and predict which noise to make as the story is read aloud. Enormous fun to read and perform, this book will have wide appeal to those at home or in the classroom or library. Kids will want to read it over and over again, to join in with the noises and act out the places the little pig runs to avoid being kissed. At the end the tables are turned, making a neat resolution, which will appeal to younger readers.
Fran Knight

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