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Jun 14 2011

Bobo, my superdog by Michael Salmon

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Ford Street Publishing, 2011. ISBN 9781921665394.
(Ages 6+) Picture book, Humour. Seeing a dog peering from the pet shop in anticipation of an owner, has the family falling to their son's expectations of taking the little dog home. Once home, he worms his way into their hearts, sitting at the table for meals, fighting with the cats next door, sitting in dad's chair to watch his favourite movies. But he has another life. Bobo becomes Super-Bo, donning his cape and mask to avoid detection, he flies off into the sky to watch over the township. He rescues maidens from dragons, saves the town from a disastrous flood, saves a plane full of passengers, saves a family from a group of snakes in the jungle, recuses treasure from a pirate ship and so on. But when he appears worn out and listless the family takes him to their vet who prescribes vitamins and lots of rest. So what is a superdog expected to do? There are still people to save. And then when the mayor of the city wants to present the dog with a medal, a further dilemma occurs.
With funny illustrations giving a wider story than the words portray, kids will delight in finding Bobo and his exploits in the drawings accompanying the text. Michael Salmon is a well known author illustrator with many books to his credit. Readers will recognise his bold illustrations readily and search out for this book.
Fran Knight

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