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Jun 07 2011

Moonstone Promise by Karen Wood

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Allen and Unwin, 2011. ISBN 9781742373164.
Recommended age: 14+. After a harsh childhood spent in foster care, Luke finally feels at home on Harry's farm, working with horses. When Harry dies and Luke has a bitter falling-out with the people around him, he does a runner, leaving everything behind. He takes off to the Gulf Country in search of brumbies and finds himself camped by a river with three aboriginal elders.
Can a mob of wild brumbies and three wise men help Luke discover who he is and where he belongs?
Very interesting book, it captures a young man struggling to make ends meet. I really enjoyed this book and probably cried through half of it but also laughed through the other half. With death, love and hate a good read for anyone who loves horses and/or a good long read with a heartfelt storyline. I would definitely love to read more of this series and I hope that you all will feel the same. I should also say that this book is not aimed at any gender and would be a great read for either boys and girls or woman and men.
Taylor Oxenham (student)

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