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Jun 02 2011

Head Spinners by Thalia Kalkipsakis

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Allen and Unwin, 2011. ISBN 9781742373454.
(Ages 8+) Recommended. Brooke has a weird bump on her arm, it's not itchy and it doesn't hurt, it has a warm tingling feeling and its growing. Jamie didn't steal anything from the Big Cow Cafe, so how did  the fish sandwich end up in his bag? He doesn't even like smoked-trout sandwiches. Danny's dad is absolutely bonkers but this, this is the weirdest, most dangerous thing he has ever done. Why on Earth is he speeding after another car?
This book has six awesome, excellent and amazing stories that will leave your head spinning. I think this book is great. I enjoyed all six stories, my favourite though would have to be Night Sight. I would definitely recommend this to people who like silly, suspense filled stories that are just different, even if just for a laugh. I hope if you read it (which I highly recommend) you enjoy it.
Tahlia Kennewell (student)

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