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May 30 2011

Hazard River series by F. E. Fison

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Tiger terror, Ford Street, ISBN 978 1921665134.
Bat attack! Ford Street, ISBN 978 19 21665141.
(Ages 9+) Warmly recommended. Adventure. Two new books in the series, Hazard River, will please the readers of this fast and furious adventure series. In Bat attack, Jack Wilde and his friends are getting ready for the New Year's Eve dance at the local disco, but events intervene to change the direction of their evening. The story Fison tells at he start of each book was enough to hook me into reading the series. Tiger terror too is concerned with environmental issues and grabs the readers' attentions from the first page as Jack and his companions set out to save tigers after finding a tiger paw in a medicine shop in Chinatown.
Easy to read, exciting, with short chapters and easily identified characters, this series will be readily picked up by students,and the bright, intertwined front covers will lure them to the books.
Fran Knight

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