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May 26 2011

The fly by Petr Horacek

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Walker Books, 2011. ISBN 9781 406330731.
Picture book. When the fly lands inside he is horrified when a fly swat lands near him with a great thwack. Someone is trying to kill him! Told from the fly's point of view, this funny take on the life of a fly and what drives him to do what he must do, will absorb readers and those read to, alike.
In a few well chosen words Horacek tells his tale, following the fly as it tries to keep away from the fly swat, eat some food (he doesn't mind sharing), avoid the cow's tail, the frog an the bird both of whom see him as their dinner, and then finally returning home for tea.
Each page is covered with wonderfully bold illustrations, some in pastel, some watercolour, and some in pencil, but all detail the exploits of the poor fly, simply trying to survive.
Children will have sympathy with the fly's attempts, and perhaps take a closer look at this insect in our midst.
The humorous take at the end and the cut pages between will further endear the readers to this book.
Fran Knight

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