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May 25 2011

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

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Hardie Grant Egmont, 2011. ISBN: 9781921690624.
Highly recommended for ages 12+. Every morning, when London wakes, she peruses the notes she has written the previous day. These give her information relevant to the new day ahead and brief her on events from her past. Although she can 'remember' things yet to happen in her future, her memories of previous days are erased from her memory at 4:33 every morning. When she meets Luke, a new boy at her school, she is concerned that she cannot see him in her future. As her love for him grows, she tries desperately not to forget him and find a way to slot him into her memories. She ponders whether or not to include him from her notes at night. At the same time, she tries to uncover the truth behind some of the memories with which she is plagued on a daily basis and continue to unsettle her.
This truly is a book which one wishes to devour in a single sitting. London, as the main protagonist, appears fragile, troubled and sincere, filled with love for Luke but confused as to whether or not they can possibly share a future. Luke is reliable, strong, consistent and determined in his concern and love for London. As a reader, one can hardly help but want to become involved in trying to find a way to see the relationship flourish and help explain the mystery which is unearthed by London's memories. This is a truly engaging novel, one to re-visit and read more slowly the second time.
Jo Schenkel

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