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May 23 2011

Dead Certain by Sally Gould

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Lightning Strikes series. Walker, 2011. ISBN: 9781921529900.
Max's uncle Jack has died and, during the funeral service, Max discovers that the body is about to be cremated. This goes directly against Jack's wishes to be buried alongside his father. The problem, now, is that Max is the only person who seems to have heard Jack's final request. How is he going to stop the cremation to help his much loved uncle, when no one will listen to him? Thus follows a series of events in which Max tries to tell Dad the truth and, when Dad won't listen, he enlists his brother Charlie to help set things to rights.
Max shows determination, persistence and loyalty to his uncle as he endeavours to fulfill his uncle's wishes but not everything goes exactly to plan. This adds a touch of humour to what could otherwise be a rather more serious story. Containing less than 80 pages of print and with a clear double spaced font, this title provides an easily accessible and relatively entertaining tale, within the reach of even the most reluctant reader.
Jo Schenkel

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