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May 19 2011

The Wings of Leo Spencer by Jerome Parisse

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Sid Harta Publishers, 2010. ISBN: 1921642149.
(Ages: 12 +) Fourteen year old Leo Spencer goes to bed at the beginning of this novel after saving a lost puppy from rough surf during the day; he wakes up and he is dead. Having realised that he is dead, and there is nothing that he or his family could do about bringing him back to life, Leo sets out to discover the cause of his death. In doing so, he discovers the 'great white light' and follows this to Heaven where is reunited with his Guardian Angel, Jezeral. Leo discovers that he had requested that his life as 'Leo Spencer' was short because he was due to become an Angel soon after his death. Accordingly, Leo is given his wings and becomes a Guardian Angel himself. In Heaven Leo discovers the House of Records in which is recorded the preeminent disaster that was due to befall his family on earth in a tragic house fire. He notices that has been a recent alteration and as result Leo sets out to discover who or what changed this record and what he might need to do to save his family. In doing so, he discovers evil beings have infiltrated the security of the Heaven's House of Records.
The Wings of Leo Spencer is a unique fantasy story loosely based on concepts of Heaven, death, Guardian Angels and destiny. The story is a bit slow moving in parts when the rules of Heaven and its hierarchy are explained but becomes more engaging as it draws towards its climax. This book is recommended for upper primary to lower secondary students, with some caution taken with the religious themes of God, Angels and Heaven.
Adam Fitzgerald

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