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May 17 2011

The aunties three by Nick Bland

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Scholastic, 2011. ISBN 9781741697919.
(Ages 5+) Highly recommended. When the three aunties are about to come visiting, the house is in an uproar. Things must be put away, games disassembled, manners remembered and voices calmed down. The three children are reminded to get the women a cup of tea, offer biscuits, and be on their best behaviour for the visit. Of course things do not turn out well: the cat eats one auntie's hat and so she leaves, the second aunt sits on the broken chair and so she leaves. When the children try and cook something for the last aunt, they are all covered in baked beans. A funny and appealing story with a laugh on every page will have immediate appeal to younger readers, while the twist in the end will cause more laughter.
The illustrations are fantastic, colourful and full of fun. On each page is a variety of things to watch out for, adding another level of humour to an already laugh out loud story. The wallpaper, the children's clothes, the aunties, even the fridge are triggers for a smile.
With a large dose of whimsy, this book is an ideal read-a-loud, inviting the children to add their voices to those of the aunts and the children in the story.
Fran Knight

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