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May 05 2011

Raven's Mountain by Wendy Orr

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Allen and Unwin, 2010. ISBN: 978-1-74237-465-9.
(Age 11+)The story is set in the present time in northern America. A family consisting of Mum, Stepdad and two sisters is the focus.  Raven, the younger of the two girls, is approaching her teens and is missing her natural father (whom she has never met). The family set out on a holiday. Newly-wed Mum stays back while Raven's new stepdad, Scott, her sister, Lily and Raven begin their hike into the mountains. Raven sees a family of bears (especially the cubs) and a raven in the wild among various other wildlife but keeps this discovery her secret. While they continue their hike, Raven occasionally sees this family of bears and feels a bonding with them.  As Raven runs ahead, she accidently causes a landfall. Rocks and boulders trap Scott and Lily and it is up to Raven to rescue them. She embarks on a journey back to their starting point, with the occasional presence of the bear family, and has adventures along the way. Needless to say, everything turns out alright.
This is a story about self-discovery and being able to extraordinary things in extraordinary situations where inner strengths come to the fore.
Janet Cassidy

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