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May 02 2011

Diamond Spirit by Karen Wood

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Allen and Unwin, 2011. ISBN 9781742373157.
Diamond spirit by Karen Wood is a well written novel about a girl and her horse, Diamond. When Diamond bolts through a cattle grid she breaks both of her front legs and is failing to recover, Jess comes to a hard decision, painful life or death. Jess wants to know how and why Diamond was down by the cattle grid that day when the horse's yard was way further up river. Only one person can tell her and give her half of the answer to the mystery, Shara, Jess's best friend, the same best friend who is moving to an agricultural school far, far away. Nothing can heal Jess's broken heart except a beautiful filly, born where Diamond lay, could there be a spiritual connection to the two? Jess wants to own such an important foal but she's in a race for the bid, will she succeed in getting the one horse made for her?
Diamond spirit was such an exciting novel, I couldn't stop reading. It opened my eyes to new events and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes animals. I could relate to all the characters perfectly well and this book was easy to understand. The age rating for this book would be from twelve year-old onwards but I would say roughly anyone would enjoy this book.
Sarah Filkin (Yr 9)

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