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Apr 20 2011

Den of Thieves by Julia Golding

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Egmont, 2008. ISBN 9781405241847.
Recommended for upper primary-female targeted audience.
Set 200 years ago in Georgian England, this story follows the life of a very adventurous orphan by the name of Catherine (Cat) Royal. Named 'Royal' after the theatre where she was abandoned as a baby, the character does exhibit traits worthy of nobility despite her commoner upbringing. Cat, as well as being a shortened version of her name, also refers to her ability to get herself out of trouble - as if she had nine lives.
This adventure takes Cat out of her usual comfort zone and into French Revolution. Cat finds herself in the middle of trouble - something I feel from information given in the story is something she always does.  With the support of her friends, and some good luck, Cat manages to see things right.  There would be a small window at some points throughout the story to expand upon real world events and conditions to give students an insight into English history.
This is the third book in a series of nine. Each of Cat Royal's adventures may be read on its own as each adventure is complete. Full of interesting characters, action, romance and a huge problem to solve, readers will enjoy the story. Julia Golding has a wonderful website where readers can find out more about the characters and read other's responses to the Cat Royal stories.
Zana Thiele

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