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Apr 19 2011

Boris gets a lizard by Andrew Joyner

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Series: Boris . Penguin, 2011. ISBN 978 0143305033.
(Ages: 5-7 )Warmly recommended. The second in the series of books about a pig called Boris, this too will please younger readers, just becoming acquainted with early chapter books. With an easy to follow story, engaging characters and accompanying humerous illustrations, Boris will be around for quite a while, encouraging younger readers to follow his adventures.
In this book, Boris wants a pet. He already has a cat, and has had a sheep, some chickens and a duck called Quince. He tells his parents and his classmates about the Komodo dragon, and writes to the local zoo, offering to give their dragon a holiday. Excited by his efforts, Boris tells everyone that a dragon is coming and so he and his friend build a cage in readiness. The day arrives for the viewing, but no dragon has appeared, so Boris places his little lizard in the cage. When it disappears, Boris calls out that it has escaped, causing pandemonium amongst his visitors. A letter from the zoo shatters his dreams of having a dragon for respite, but the zoo sends him instead a number of passes, and so the class and his family get to look at the dragon and all the other animals instead.
Another charming story about Boris, sure to please the early readers venturing into chapter books and learning to take note of the illustrations that accompany a text, full of wit and often with a story alongside the words.
Fran Knight

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