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Apr 06 2011

Boris by Andrew Joyner

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Boris series. Penguin, 2011. ISBN 978014 3305026.
(Ages: 5-7) Warmly recommended. Boris and his parents live in an old bus, converted to a house in Hogg Bay, but Boris dreams of travelling. His parents once roamed the world in the old bus, and he has a world map pinned on his bedroom wall with all the wonderful places he would like to visit too. But only one is marked, the one place he has been, Hogg Bay. Understanding Boris' need to travel, one day, without warning, Mum starts up the old bus, uprooting it from its place in their garden, driving it along the road and down the highway. Sitting in the back with his pith helmet, Boris dreams of all the adventures they will have, but this is cut in the bud as the bus stops in the nearby Conservation park. Disappointed with their short drive, Boris goes for a walk, imagining himself to be in the places he has dreamt of, until, tired, he looks around and realises that he has been separated from his parents and is lost. A rustle in the bushes has Boris imagining a lion, but he is relieved when it turns out to be a kitten. His parents reappear, and all is well, with Boris and the cat returning home.
A charming series about Boris, will please younger readers, the humourous illustrations underlining the tried text as Boris attempts to be like his hero, Captain Clive. A cautionary tale, readers will love to follow Boris' adventures, and look forward to the next in the series.
Fran Knight

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