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Mar 31 2011

Burn bright by Marianne de Pierres

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Random House Australia. ISBN 9781864719888.
(Age 13+) Retra is a seal, sealed minds and sealed community. It is for this reason she doesn't want to go to Ixion, the island of ever night, with no rules, constant parties and lots of pleasures, but since her brother Joel left two years ago for Ixion her life has been unbearable. Her family had a warden come to watch them 24/7, her father punished her for what her brother did, her mother stopped talking and then there's the obedience strip the warden put on her to inflict pain. So in an attempt to find her brother, who she is absolutely determined to find, she practices working through pain and goes against her seal training to leave for Ixion upon the barge that only comes twice a year. Once there the Ripers, the guardians of Ixion, tell her and all the other new people all they need to know to keep safe and all the places they can and can't go. During her first day in Ixion she meets Suki from Stra'ha. Together they go around to different clubs. In one of the many clubs they meet Kero and Krista-belle from the White Wings one of the gangs in Ixion. But what's the voice Retra keeps hearing in her head? And is Ixion as safe as it seems? If so why did a Riper attack Krista-belle? And what are the night creatures Retra has seen in the shadows? And what happens to those that get withdrawn from Ixion?
I enjoyed this book from beginning to end; it is for this reason that I would highly recommend it to people who like adventure and mystery. This book definitely has both.
Tahlia Kennewell (student)

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