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Mar 14 2011

Sucked out by John Parker

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Lightning Strikes series. Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 9781921529689.
(Age Group: 10+) Dan, Zainey and Caro need to tackle the case of the eye. The eye first belonged to Zainey, cost him $250! He wanted to put it on the tip of his finger so that he could see everything that was happening just by lifting his finger. But then the eye got lost, perhaps it had gotten attached to someone else? They need to find out and fast, before anything bad happens to them or someone else.
Personally I didn't really enjoy this book, even though the author is fairly well known. I felt it had a story line that could have grown to be a bigger and better book. But in saying that I would recommend this book for younger readers who find reading more complex books very hard as it quite an easy read and if you like these kind of story lines it would be great. I would also say that this book is fairly male orientated and young boys would probably love the slightly gruesome factor in the story. I hope that some people will enjoy this book even though I didn't.
Taylor Oxenham (student)

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