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Mar 10 2011

Triple ripple by Brigid Lowry

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Allen and Unwin, 2011. ISBN 9781742374994.
(Age 12+) Recommended. Cleverly combining three stories in one, Bridget Lowry has written a charming fairytale of a young girl, Glory, who is sent to work at the Royal Palace, where she discovers that past events are to overshadow her future. Meanwhile, the Reader, Nova, is reading the fairy story while trying to comes to terms with the fact that her best friend has moved away and Dylan, a rather nasty girl, is giving her a hard time at school. Interspersed with these two stories, is the Writer's tale, where the author describes the creative writing process and the way that the story emerges.
I found myself engrossed in all three of the intertwining stories. I love fairy tales so was carried along with the story of Glory, longing to find out if she could overcome the curse placed on her. I was equally captivated by Nova's story: her loneliness and her family problems. The part a school counsellor, Ms Golightly, plays in trying to help both Nova and Dylan overcome their differences rang true for me. I was pleased that Lowry didn't gloss over how difficult it can be to make friends. The Writer's story gives an in-depth look into how an author goes about bringing an idea to fruition.
Both main and supporting characters were described in depth. I felt I knew all of them very well by the end of the book and was sorry to see their stories finish. Those who like some romance in their fairy tales will enjoy Glory and Rolf's gentle love story while Princess Mirabella's quest for someone she can live with is told with humour and sympathy.
Lowry has succeeded in making her multiple narratives a consuming read. All three stories flowed along smoothly due to some very clever writing, helped along with different fonts for each narrator.
Readers who are interested in finding out about the writing process are in for a real treat. Girls in particular are sure to enjoy Triple Ripple, which would make an interesting class set or Literature Circle book.
Pat Pledger

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