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Mar 10 2011

Angel Creek by Sally Rippin

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Text, 2011. ISBN 9781921758058.
Angel Creek is a mind boggling mystery about a girl called Jelly and her two younger cousins, Gino and Pik, who find a baby angel down by the creek on Christmas Eve. When Jelly wishes her cousins could stay a few days, something happens to Nonna to make her wish come true. Babies usually have mums, so maybe the angel does too? Then after a few strange events Jelly meets a boy who never told her his name. Could he have something to do with the angel and also the young boy who drowned in the very same creek in which the angel was found?
This is a fascinating novel by Sally Rippin and it would be enjoyed by all ages. The characters in this story are truly beautiful and in perfect harmony.
I loved this book from cover to cover.
Sarah Filkin (Yr 9 student)

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