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Mar 09 2011

Dangerously placed by Nansi Kunze

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Random House, 2011. ISBN 9781864718829.
Do not let the cover mislead you! This novel is highly individual in the plot - something new and exciting for readers. It is absolutely stunning, well written - the story almost comes off the page! This solid and well developed novel has real world characters.
The story follows Alex Thaler in her work placement at Virk. Virk is part of a multi-million dollar company called Simulcorp. It is a virtual workplace where the brightest minds from all over the world come together under one roof (metaphorically speaking of course). Alex and her fellow student Dale are placed in the marketing division just before disaster strikes.
When Pierce Grody, head of the department is murdered and the key suspect is Alex, Alex and her friends choose to band together to help solve the mystery. Everyone plays a part is the story - from Ki's cunning investigatory skills to the eccentric Budi with his previous knowledge of the workplace.
This is a fantastic story set mainly in the virtual world, it has everything a good novel needs - a main character who finds herself along the way - a bit of mystery and a hint of romance. A recipe for a good read! I would recommend this book to teenagers with a taste for adventure and a craving for a good book.
(Kayla, age 15)

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