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Mar 09 2011

Maisy's wonderful weather book by Lucy Cousins

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A Maisy First Science Book. Walker, 2011. ISBN 9781406328479.
(Age 18 months - 6 yrs) Recommended. Much loved by toddlers for the bright illustrations and pull out tabs, the Maisy series are a delight for children. This reprint of Maisy's wonderful weather book is sure to be a winner with the children who have followed other books about the life of Maisy and her friends.
This book describes the different types of weather that a young child might encounter and the types of clothes that will be just right for the temperature. It begins with the young child being asked to draw back the curtains and find out what the weather will be like. Then each new double spread page has a rhyme vividly describing what it is like to have a sunny day and a snowy day, a rainy day and a windy day.  It concludes with a stormy day and a beautiful rainbow day.
A side bar with pictures of clothes to wear and things to do for the weather give an opportunity for the child to learn how to say or read new words about the weather. Pull out tabs and moveable flaps make for an enjoyable interactive reading experience. They are not too fragile if used under supervision and can be easily repaired if little fingers are too eager! The concluding double spread with a beautiful rainbow tab is particularly delightful. Internal rhymes would make this an ideal book to read aloud and a good choice for young children who are ready to have a try at reading for themselves.
What an enjoyable way to learn about having fun in all types of weather.
Pat Pledger

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