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Feb 21 2011

Rabbit's year by Melissa Keil

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Ill. by Jedda Robaard. Black dog books, 2011. ISBN 978 1742031750.
Feeling sad and alone, Rabbit plays a tune on his cello. He would love a friend but is too shy to join the other animals as they play their instruments. But he loves music; he is creative and loves doing creative things, but in playing his cello, he finds that other animals join him, finding that they are drawn to the beautiful sounds. First Dog finds the player, then Sheep follows the sound, then Pig wants to join the trio, and on and on until all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac join together to make beautiful music together.
A simple tale of friendship and working together, of music and its power, form the subtext of this book outlining the 12 animals that make up the Zodiac.
At the end is a double page spread containing an outline of the 12 animals, with a brief description and a list of the years in which those animals take centre stage.
The main character will please younger readers and introduce them to the 2011 Year of the Rabbit, as well as informing them of the Chinese Zodiac and what it means. The line and water colour drawings are most appealing to younger readers.
Fran Knight

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