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Feb 21 2008

The Indigo girls by Penni Russon

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Allen & Unwin, 2008. ISBN 9781741752922
(Age 13+ ) Part of a series, Girlfriend fiction, The Indigo girls will be welcomed by teenage girls who will relate to the characters and situations in the book. Every year Zara, Tilly and Mieke meet up at the Indigo campground with their families for the summer holidays. But this year is different, as Mieke is late to arrive. Zara, a popular alpha and Tilly the nerd, are left to find a new relationship without Mieke to mediate.

Penni Russon has made the transition from her popular fantasy Undine series, to a successful adolescent story about friendship, falling in love, identity and dealing with a best friend's betrayal. There is a dash of danger thrown in, with the perils of surfing alone in the dark. The addition of cyber bullying on Zara's mobile phone adds some suspense and insight into Zara's feelings. Characterisation is well done, with Russon capturing Zara's non communicative family members and contrasting them to the warmth of Tilly's parents and sister.

This is an enjoyable, easy read that has enough plot twists and relationship issues to keep the reader involved until the end.
Pat Pledger

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