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Feb 14 2011

A house of night novel: Awakened by P.C. and Kristin Cast

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Book 8. Atom, 2011. ISBN: 9781907410093.
Neferet is back. Re-instated as the Tulsa House of Night's high priestess she plots her revenge on Zoey Redbird. While Neferet is distracted the immortal Kalona (bound by oath to Neferet) and son Rephiem (a raven mocker) focus on the first red high priestess believing she would be susceptible to darkness. What Kalona and Neferet do not know is that their plan is being threatened by Rephiem being imprinted with Stevie Rae. In short this whirlwind of a book should hold the reader's interest long after it's been read.
After finishing Awakened my thoughts are comparing and confirming the similarities with a number of best selling books. P.C. and Kristin Cast have done something I know many authors have been trying to do: Make a new story which has all the popular elements of interest. Names are familiar from well-known legends and quotes said to have been from Merlin have been used. This book is one of the rare ones that draws the reader into a new universe of magic and keeps the readers attention focused on the complicated plots rather then pondering the familiarity of it all.
(Kayla Gaskell, 15)

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