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Feb 20 2008

Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp by Odo Hirsch

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Allen & Unwin
(10+) A beautiful bronze peacock lamp hangs above Amelia Dee's staircase and if she stands on the banister she can see the intricate carved animals and a secret opening. When her yoga Master Master L K Vishwanath, introduces her to his pupil, the Princess Parvin Kha-Douri, Amelia discovers that she is not the only person to know about the secrets of the lamp.

Hirsch has described a set of engaging character and eccentric characters who live in suburbia. Her father is an inventor and her mother makes sculptures. Amelia Dee writes stories that no one ever reads until she presents her story about the peacock lamp to the Princess and captures her attention. The yoga master with his deeply spiritual approach to life poses many questions for Amelia to ponder about life and change

The story is written in an accessible style with lots of dialogue, and the younger reader will read on to find out about the peacock lamp and to savour Amelia's stories. However more mature readers will be left thinking about the philosophical beliefs of the Yoga master and considering the impact of life choices and life style of the people around her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story about Amelia Dee. It is a book for thoughtful readers who will become engaged in Amelia's journey of self discovery and the road back from bitterness and hatred for the Princess.
Pat Pledger

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