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Feb 19 2008

Ghost dogs by Susan Gates

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Usborne, 2007 ISBN 978094608576 9
(Age 11+) The second in the series, Animal Investigations, takes Meriel and Ellis on a trip to a deep dark forest, where stories about ghost dogs abound. Tied up with JJ, a cub reporter, trying to impress his newspaper father, the two investigators use all of their amazing skills to track the feral child Ellis has seen. But the feral boy seems to have powers beyond the normal, as Ellis feels the air drop suddenly in temperature when the boy arrives, and he feels his body starts to turn to ice. But when JJ hires a hunter to find the boy, Meriel and Ellis must act to save him before the media scrum get to him.

This exciting adventure has the two investigators using all of their powers to find this strange boy. But Meriel remembers her days as a feral child, and can hardly resist moving in with the dog pack. This new series is sure to please those seeking adventurous stories with a dose of the paranormal.
Fran Knight

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