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Jan 23 2011

Friendship on fire by Danielle Weiler

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Sid Harta, 2010. ISBN 1921829699.
(Age 13+) Year 12 starts off with a bang, when Daisy has to give a speech to the whole school, with her hair, dyed disastrously red, covered in a turban. Things look up when she spots a gorgeous boy, Nate, who goes to her rival school Addison Grammar. But she has been best friends forever with Roman and what will a romance with Nate do to that relationship?
This story looks at the trials of Year 12, and finding your place in the world. The characters are skilfully developed and seem real Daisy is a likeable girl who gradually finds out who her real friends are and where her future path lies. She makes the sort of mistakes on the way that teen readers, especially girls, will identify with. The problems of working out meaningful connections and trying to find love are ones that will strike a cord with teens. The familiar setting of school, parties, and the beach, also make it an easy book to access.
What I most liked about the free flowing prose was the humour that was an integral part of the book. Daisy has some very amusing lines that kept me chuckling as I read. The inclusion of diary entries was a good device that also kept me informed of Daisy's thoughts and feelings.
Friendship on fire is a debut book by Weiler, who is a teacher and obviously understands the angst and pitfalls of being a teenager well. She has certainly captured an authentic voice in Daisy that girls will enjoy.
Pat Pledger

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