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Jan 12 2011

Samuel's kisses by Karen Collum

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Ill. by Serena Geddes. New Frontier, 2010. ISBN 9781921042157.
(Age 3-5) Recommended. When Samuel goes shopping with his mother he sees lots of people who are looking miserable. He loves shopping and wants other people to be as happy as he is, so he sends them a kiss, which brightens up their day and affects those around him. Soon the people in the Post Office, the supermarket, the bank, and indeed, the whole shopping centre all have smiles on their faces as Samuel's kisses trail under and over furniture, fruit and people.
Karen Collum has written a heart-warming story about how a simple kiss can change the feelings of tired and sad people. The power of love and a smile can make people feel better about themselves and what they are doing. This is a beautiful message to bring to young children and their carers, and children might want to test out the impact of a smile in their own lives. The author also portrays a warm bond of family love between the Samuel and his mother, with his mother blowing him a gentle kiss in the final pages.
The rhythm in the story makes it a very satisfying book to read aloud.  Serena Geddes' bright watercolour illustrations complement the story. Children are sure to enjoy the emotions on the faces of the people and the trail of kisses that leads from one page to the next is delightful.
Pat Pledger

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