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Jan 07 2011

Plain truth by Jodi Picoult

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Allen and Unwin, 2010. YA edition. ISBN 9781742375038.
(Age 14+) Plain truth is a good book, and I can definitely see why it's an international bestseller.
It is a thrilling tale of how a defense attorney (Ellie Hathaway) turns the life of her client (Katie Fisher) around after she is a suspect of murder. According to medics a two-hour old baby boy found on the Fisher's farm had been breathing and then been suffocated. The dead child had been hidden in some horse blankets.
A spine-tingling mystery is unfolding and it's up to Ellie Hathaway to save this poor Amish girl a life in jail but it's hard to prove anything when Katie says she can't remember anything from that night.
The dialogue in this book is great and you can understand each character easily. I loved this book. The age group for this book would probably be for young adults to adults.
It's a good book that anyone over 14 would enjoy, but it's a better book for mature readers.
I loved this book to the end.
Sarah Filkin, Yr 8

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