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Feb 11 2008

A penny to remember by Kirsty Murray

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National Museum of Australia Press, 2007 (Making Tracks)
(8+) When young George is caught stealing and sentenced to transportation, his only thought is for his sister, Hannah. On board one of the hulks, he is befriended by an older convict who spends his time making keepsakes for the other convicts to give their wives and families before they sail to the other side of the world. George is shown by Will how to rub a penny smooth, banging it first to flatten the marks already on it, and then rubbing it constantly to make it ready for an engraving. Using a nail, George scratches a message to his sister, in the hope that they will meet again.

One in the series, Making Tracks, this story retells the story of transportation in Australia's early European history through the eyes of two young people. Full of historical facts, the story will engage the reader, making learning about this portion of our history anything but dull.
Fran Knight

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