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Dec 21 2010

The lost treasure by Jan Stradling

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Ill. by Cassandra Allen. Walker Stories series.Walker Books, 2010. ISBN 978 1928629086.
(Ages: 6-8) One in the series of Walker Stories, written specifically for younger readers venturing into chapter books with a plot and action, so building confidence in reading, this one will capture their imaginations and help them become comfortable in reading for themselves.  Pirate Hamish and Pirate Ruby are rivals on the seas. Hamish is always after treasure for himself, whereas Ruby is always out to help people. On finding a bottle with a message, floating in the sea, both pirates head for the island, only to discover a most forgetful castaway. Spurred on with the smell of treasure, following many maps written by Jack as a memory aid, Pirate Hamish digs lots of holes, while Pirate Ruby is more than satisfied just being helpful. A neat bow to recycling and conservation along with a morally sound climax round off an absorbing tale.
A fun, easy to read story which does not pander to children whose word knowledge is developing, this is one of as series of more than 16 such tales. Published in a small easy to hold form, with bright inviting and sturdy covers, both the story and its illustrations will hole the reader's attention.
Fran Knight

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