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Dec 20 2010

Don't judge a girl by her cover by Ally Carter

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The Gallagher girls 3. Hachette, 2010.
(Age 12+) Don't judge a girl by her cover is a really good book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.
It all started for Cammie (Cameron Morgan) when her best friend/room-mate, Macey McHenry (the vice president's daughter) asks her to spend the rest of summer break with her in Boston. Macey, Cammie and Preston (President Winter's first son) go up to the roof where they aren't supposed to be, when suddenly a helicopter begins to hover over the roof. Their door to get back inside gets slammed shut and locked and there is no way down. A gang jumps out of the helicopter and begins to atttack, so Preston gets to safety, but then there is no other escape, so they make as many of their spy moves as they can. When they get to safety, they are with the ones they knew, but in a place they had never seen before.
As the story goes on, Cammie's aunt comes the college as a protector for Macey while Bex, Liz (the other room mates) and Cammie, sneak out of the school to track down Macey when she isn't at school to make sure that the Circle of Cavan don't get her.
When Macey finds out about her family's past, she runs away, taking the disguises with her. When the secret service wouldn't listen to Cammie, Bex and Liz when they tried to tell them where Macey was, they snuck out again. When it was all resolved it got mega crazy and hurtful for Cammie.
It took me a nail-biting two days to read to read Don't judge a girl by her cover, as it was absolutely fantastic to read and I highly recommend people to read this book. I also recommend this book for people 12-13 and over as a person any younger probably wouldn't understand a lot of it. Warning to parents, it has some violence in it (ie. guns and other weapons.)
I found it really well worded and it all seemed so real, I actually cried in one part. The characters also seemed so realistic and alive.
The characters travelled from DC to Ohio to Boston and back to the Gallagher Girls college over and over.
This book has a set theme of spy-work, family and fame. It has a great story-line, one that I certainly would read again, in fact I wouldn't mind reading all the other books in the series.
I found it a great book and I highly enjoyed reading it, so jump in and grab a copy for yourself.
Tayla Pollard, 13

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