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Dec 15 2010

Last Tree in the City by Peter Carnavas

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New Frontier Publishing, 2010. ISBN: 9781921042218.
(All ages) Recommended. Peter Carnavas is one of my favourite storytellers. He always seems to be able to clutch my heartstrings and Last tree in the city is no exception. Edward loves to play in the last tree in the city where he can forget the concrete and the cars and live in his imagination. But one day the tree is gone and Edward has to find a way to get his own tree.
With this inspiring story, Carnavas shows how one small person who is determined to save a tree, can make a huge difference. Edward's example motivates others to find original ways to have their own piece of greenery.
The illustrations show the originality and uniqueness that is Carnavas' approach to drawing and thinking. Vivid greens highlight the beauty and importance of the tree, while drab colours depict the greyness of the concrete city. Edward's facial expressions are exquisitely illustrated: from his wonder at standing at the top of the tree, to despondency when the tree is cut down and satisfaction at saving a cutting and growing his own tree.
Teaching notes from Planet Ark to promote National Tree Day are available. New Frontier, the publisher, also has a set of teacher's notes.
This is an important book that illustrates the value of trees and the possibility of one individual influencing how others act for the environment.
Pat Pledger

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