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Dec 10 2010

The Double-Edged Sword by Sarah Silverwood

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Book One of The Nowhere Chronicles. Orion, 2010. ISBN: 978-0575095793.
Recommended. I spent a nail biting two days reading this enthralling book. I was hardly able to put it down. It is a magical story supporting the many-universe theory that shows up in most fantasy books and containing believable characters. The use of day to day situations in this book authenticates the story line. The story starts in London, Somewhere, in twenty-ten and follows the first few days of Finmere Tingewick Smith's sixteenth year. Knotted mysteries have surrounded Fin as long as he could remember, he was an orphan left on the second step of the Old Bailey. It's time for those knots to be untangled, both in The Somewhere and The Nowhere. With the help of his friends they fight to save the retired Knights of Nowhere.
I'm sure you'll find this book just as compelling as I did. I would highly recommend it for any young adults who love a complicated plot and love a read that keeps them guessing right up to the end. The Double Edged-Sword is one of those books youll just keep reading again and again. I'm happy to say that in a few months the second instalment, The Traitor's Gate, will be available sometime in 2011.
(Kayla, age 14)

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