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Dec 07 2010

The Cocky who cried Dingo by Yvonne Morrison

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Ill. by Heath McKenzie. Little Hare, 2010. ISBN 9781921541421.
(Age 3-6) Recommended. In a wonderful Australian adaptation of The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Aesop, Yvonne Morrison has written a witty and humorous story of 'a handsome and arrogant' young cockatoo who plays one trick too many on the other birds in the forest. Cocky just loves making mischief and causing mayhem in the flocks of birds that live near him. He screeches that he is caught in the jaws of a big hairy dingo and wakes up all his mates. After playing the same game again, the birds take no notice when a real dingo comes along and catches Cocky's crest in its jaws.
With the use of clever rhyming and vivid alliteration, Morrison has ensured that children will really enjoy the story of the Cocky who was too clever for his own good. The moral of not teasing and telling lies is told beautifully with subtle humour without being didactic. Beginning readers will find the rhymes an incentive to following the story and it is great to read aloud.
Heath McKenzie's signature funny Australian illustrations are drawn in gorgeous colours and it is fun to work out the different types of birds that feature on the pages. A sly little drawing at the end of the book lets the reader know that Cocky is still full of tricks, even if they are not so mean.
With lots of action, a little fear, suspense and excitement, this is a treat for the young child or as a read aloud in the classroom.
Pat Pledger

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