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Nov 29 2010

Pearlie the Cherry Blossom Fairy by Wendy Harmer

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Random House, 2010. ISBN: 978 1 74166 378 5.
When Pearlie the Park Fairy from Jubilee Park in Australia is named 'Fairy of the Year', she travels to visit all of the Park Fairies in the world and finally arrives at the Imperial Palace in Japan. Here she meets Akiko in the Park of the Imperial Palace. Here, Akiko teaches her some Japanese language and Pearlie receives an introduction to some traditional rites such as the tea ceremony and the foods and drinks associated with them. The cherry blossom festival brings many visitors to the park and Pearlie meets Yuki the mouse, busily stealing bits of food from the visitors to the Palace park. When a spring storm, complete with hailstones occurs, Pearlie is able to show how clever she can be as she tries to make things right for Akiko and Yuki.
As a cultural comparison, this title is a good way of introducing the reader to the differences in customs, language and life in another country. The themes of sharing, friendship, care and concern for others, as well as the importance of travel in broadening one's horizons are all included in this simple little book. Along with a simple story line and the bright and stylized illustrations, this book should hold much appeal to the beginning female reader.
Jo Schenkel

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