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Nov 26 2010

Low red moon by Ivy Devlin

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Bloomsbury, 2010. ISBN 9781599906188.
(Age 14+) Avery Hood is found, covered with blood, next to the bodies of her murdered parents. Distraught, she doesn't know who has killed her parents. She has blocked out all memories of what happened except for remembering seeing a flash of silver. Then she meets Ben, a gorgeous, mysterious boy, whose eyes flash with silver. When he reveals that he is a werewolf, Avery trusts him until another family is murdered. How can she find out whom brutally killed her parents? What can she do about the deep connection she has for Ben?
Avery, who goes to live with her grandmother, Renee, tells the story in the first person. Raised by her nature loving parents in a beautiful forest, she has been home-schooled until her senior years and loves the trees and quiet of her home. However the townspeople decide that her parents' house should be destroyed and she and her grandmother have to fight to keep the land from developers.
A paranormal romance that is sure to please young girls who liked Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and the Twilight series, Low red moon is an exciting, easy to read mystery. The suspense is built up deftly and there are plenty of red herrings to put the reader off suspecting the murderer. Combined with the romance and lure of a beautiful werewolf, and some interesting red print and illustrations, this will be an undemanding, but very enjoyable, crowd pleaser.
Ivy Devlin is a pseudonym of Elizabeth Scott, who wrote the very dark Living dead girl.
Pat Pledger

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