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Nov 24 2010

You are a star by Michael Parker and Judith Rossell

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ABC Books, 2010. ISBN 9780733325397.
(Age 4-8) Recommended. A young child takes a trip out of this world into the vast universe and learns how the stars and Earth was formed, as well as discovering that we are all made of stars.
A book that appeals to the imagination You are a star carries the reader on a flight of exploration into the stars. Although much of it is based on scientific fact, the text and illustrations give a wonderful insight into the life of stars, their vastness and their origins.
Both boys and girls will identify with the young child, who could be of either sex. Clad in pyjamas with a star on the front, the child is pictured pressing against a window looking at the night sky, and then is shown soaring through the night sky. The illustrations could be a stimulus for reader to wonder what it would be like to explore the universe and to enjoy the thought of being a star. The fascinating end papers show the mythological creatures that are associated with the stars, such as Taurus and Aries, and will appeal to older children.
The text is simple and would make a good bedtime story or one to read aloud. Containing joy and wonderment, this story is an original way of introducing children to space.
Pat Pledger

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