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Nov 22 2010

The Dragons - Excalibur by Colin Thompson

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Random House, 2010. ISBN 978 1 74166382 2.
This is the second book in The Dragon series and follows on from the first. After a mistaken identity the real King Arthur has taken over the rule of the Kingdom and optimism spreads throughout Camelot. However Brat and Blot have other plans. They are not happy about the way King Arthur is ruling and plot an overthrow. When word reaches the palace, of Brat and Blot's plans, Morgan le Fey, Sir Lancelot and a vampire attempt to save the kingdom.
This series is written as a send up of ancient times. The language is obscure at times and the undertone and setting have limited appeal. The book has an interesting format with footnotes and illustrations scattered throughout to make sense of the story.
Tracy Glover

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