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Nov 19 2010

6 by Karen Tayleur

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Black dog books. ISBN 978 174203155 2.
An amazingly confronting story of six young people in their last year of school. The voices of the characters seem so realistic and so true, especially to parents who have been through year twelve!  Sarah is the clever girl but longs to be admired and sought after by Finn, a first footy team member and very good looking. We hear the stories of the other five but it is mostly Sarah's story. The little ditties at the beginning of each chapter are intriguing, encouraging the reader to find out more.
Year twelve is a roller coaster ride for many students and so each person's story contributes to the whole. It's the usual scenario of who loves whom and how does this work and if it doesn't, then how devastating life becomes! What is so compelling about this year twelve drama is that the resolution is unexpected, thankfully! A very cleverly written story involving death, alcohol and cars. Parents and teachers sometimes worry about stories for year twelves, but this has all the elements of a disaster with an intriguing ending for discussion, and with the characters able to move into the next phase of their lives and having a little more understanding of the others in their group.
Well recommended for Middle and Senior Students
Sue Nosworthy

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